Micropigmentation using Machine Method

Micropigmentation using Machine provides a more glamorous look and is also more suitable for those with oily skins. By using a machine method we can implant pigment a little deeper into the skin which has a tendancey to last longer than Microblading. A number of different looks can be achieved by using machine, such as :

  • Powder or Blush finish for Eyebrows
  • Lip Blush or Full Colour for Lips
  • Lash Enhancer both Top and Bottom, this can be as simple as colouring your lash line or creating a very sutble liner look that enhances your natural lash line making your lashes appear fuller.

Treatment takes place over 3 appointments:

  • Consultation & Patch Test
  • Initial Treatment 
  • Touch Up Treatment 


Blush Brow £235.00

Pigment is placed with shading technique to give a more dense appearance similar to a make up brow, a more fuller alternative Microblading. 

Note : some of the work pictured is of colour correction and shape adjustment over old SPMU not previously completed by myself.

Eyes - Lash Enhacing Eyeliner

Lash Enhancer £275.00

A simple delicate line that is applied to both the top and bottom set of lashes to give a very natural look.

Lash Enhancer £195.00

A simple delicate line that is applied to either the top or the bottom set of lashes to give a very natural look.


Lips - Lip Colour

Lip Blush £275.00

Lips are lined and then blended into the middle of the lip area to create and give a similar apperance to lipstick ... the colour can be as deep or light as your desire. 

Note: initially, upon completion of this treatment the lip colour will look very dramatic and dark, but will always heal approx 60% -70% lighter than the initial colour.

Colour Boosting Treatments

9-12 months after treatment £79.00 (single session)

12-18 months after treatment £149.00 (two sessions required)

18 months plus after treatment may require full treatment at full treatment price (two sessions required)

Please note these prices may vary depending on the amount of work required or requested. For example : re-structuring the shape of an old brow 9-12 months after treatment may require more work than just a single colour boosting treatment and maybe charged at £149.00. Brows that are 18mth plus old but still have good retention may not be charged at full treatment price.

Where changes to price apply, this will be discussed during consultation and agreed prior to treament. 

All Prices Include:

  • Consultation and Patch Test
  • Initial Treatment
  • Touch Up Treatment
  • All Aftercare Instructions and Products needed.

Payment plans can be arranged where necessary to help spread the cost.

A minimum £35.00 non refundable booking fee is required to secure initial treatment date.

Note: ALL picutres above are of my work

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