Semi Permanent Make Up

Semi Permanent Make Up (SPMU) is also known as Micropgimentation. It is a procedure that can enhance and correct the colour and shape of eyebrows, lips and eyes. 

Micropigmentation is a form of skin tattooing whereby pigment is placed into the skin to give a more permanent colour and look.

Micropigmentation can be performed in 2 ways:

Machine Method : using a cosmetic tattooing machine and needle

Microblading : using a hand held tool and blade


Both treatments using pigment rather than ink which differs from the traditional body tattooing. Pigments provide a cosmetic finish and have the ability to fade out of the skin over a period of time.


So what is the difference between Machine Method and Microblading?

Machine work uses a digital machine that penetrates the skin and implants the pigment. Pigment can remain the skin anywhere between 2-5 years and a variety of finsihes can be achieved such as:

Ombre, Hairstroke, Powder and Block Brows

Lip liner and Lip Blush

Upper and Lower Eyeliner


Microblading uses a small blade that has a number of pins clustered together. This allows the pigment to be placed into the skin. Microblading plants the pigment much higher up in the skin and remains shallower giving the appearance of a more natural finish. Microblading can last approx 18mths - 2 years and provides the following finishes:

Hairstroke or combination of Hairstroke and shading. 


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