Microblading is still a form of semi permanent makeup. It is a technique that was discovered thousands of years ago using a super fine microblade to create lines in the skin that flow in the same direction as your own eyebrows. 

This treatment is ideal for those who have sparse, or no eyebrow, gaps within their brows, very little structure or shape. Microblading helps to recreate the brow which the gives the brow structure and definition. This makes Microblading perfect for those who want a more natural, softer looking brow as the pigment is only placed in the top layer of the skins structure. 

Treatment takes place over 3 appointments, 

  • Consultation and Patch Test
  • Initial Treatment
  • Touch up Treatment. 

Once treatment is completed, it lasts approx 18-24 months and is perfect for someone who isnt 100% sure about digital machine brows. 

Microblading can be perfomed over old semi permanent make up, please feel free to get in touch to discuss this further.

Note: all pictures featured are of my own work. 

Microblading £235.00

These prices include consultation, patch test, initial appointment, one touch up appointment and all the necessary aftercare required to take home. 

Additonal appointments are charged at £50.00

Colour Boosting Treatments

9-12 months after treatment £79.00 (single session)

12-18 months after treatment £149.00 (two sessions required)

18 months plus after treatment may require full treatment at full treatment price (two sessions required)

Please note these prices may vary depending on the amount of work required or requested. For example : re-structuring the shape of an old brow 9-12 months after treatment may require more work than just a single colour boosting treatment and maybe charged at £149.00. Brows that are 18mth plus old but still have good retention may not be charged at full treatment price.

Where changes to price apply, this will be discussed during consultation and agreed prior to treament. 

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Note: Picutres above are of corrective work old SPMU which was not been carried out or completed by myself.