Lash Lift Treatment

Lash Lift £39.00

A Lash Lift treatment  literally lifts and straightens your natural lashes from the root, unlike a traditional perm, it gives the appearance of longer, lifted lashes.

Once treatment is completed lashes can remain in the lifted position for approximately  6-8 weeks.

The results are immediate and are not eyelash extensions.

This treatment is on your own natural eyelashes, meaning there is no maintanence after treatment.

Please note : a patch test is require 24/48hrs prior to treatment and all pictures are of our own work. 

Please Remember

  • Please attend your appointment with clean, mascara free lashes. 
  • Avoid oily products around your eyes on the day of treamtent.
  • Lashes must be kept dry for the first 24 hrs after treatment (no steam rooms, saunas or swimming).
  • Avoid touching and rubbing them immediately after treatment


Benefits Include 

  • Short treatment time of approximately 45mins
  • Instant Results
  • No need for Mascara
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Lasts 6-8weeks

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