Full Body Massage £35.00

The stress and tension held in our body is massage and released from top to toe, using one of our amazing Eve Taylor Aromatherapy blends to soothe your senses too.

Back Neck and Shoulder Massage £18.50

The back, neck and shoulder area is where a majority of us hold our tension, these areas are massaged at a pressure to suit you to help relieve the build up of tension.

Soothing Body Salt Scrub £24.50

The body is scrub from the shoulders right down to your feet using a body salt scrub for an intensive full body exfoliation, followed by a nourishing lotion. 

Hot Stone Massage - Full Body £42.00 or Back, Neck & Shoulders £23.50

Soothe away stress and tension whilst warming your body with hot, smooth stones as they relax and relieve your muscles easing away any aches and pains.

Holistic Treatments 

Reflexology £23.50

Reflexology is know as a zone therapy, an alternative to medicine that involves the application of pressure to certain points on the feet using specific thumb, finger and hand techniques. It is a non-intrusive treatment that helps promote better health and wellbeing within yourself and can help improve exisitng ailments. 

Indian Head Massage £23.50

Indian Head Massage is a treatment that involves massage around the scalp, head, neck and shoulders. This is done in a relaxing environment to help relaxation. Indian Head Massage can help with a number of wellbeing concerns, but helps to reduce tension, disperses toxins and improves circulation. 

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